Published on: 6 September 2017

Boys from our Prep School were busy running laps last week as part of fundraising efforts for the Cambodian Children’s Fund, helping improve the lives of families in Cambodia.

The Lapathon, held on the Senior School oval, involved the boys finding sponsors, collecting funds and educating those who did donate, about the Cambodian Children’s Fund and what Christ Church intends to do with the funds raised.

“Last year we raised close to $30,000 and the focus isn’t about the amount of money we collect. It is about the boys reflecting on what they are doing to make a positive change and to learn about how some children need help in the big global village we live in to offer them the best life possible,” says Year 6 Teacher, Ms Sally MacKinnon.

“Cambodia is a close neighbouring country to Australia. We need to encourage the boys to understand how our country will help and assist when in need. We also live in a very multicultural society with many refugees and migrants from countries alike bringing with them diversity – we celebrate these things at Christ Church.”

The Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF) is an award winning not-for-profit organisation, founded in 2004 by Scott Neeson to aid children in Steung Meanchey, one of the poorest areas in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh. Initially established to support 45 children in need, CCF now educates over 2000 children and serves 12,000 people in the communities where it works through a range of community outreach, healthcare, childcare and vocational training programs.

In addition to the Lapathon, Year 11 students from Christ Church and St Mary’s have been fundraising throughout the year, selling chocolates and conducting weekend bake sales for the CCF. Our annual Service in Action tour to Phnom Penh also provides Year 11 boys with the opportunity to engage in various support activities with the Cambodian Children’s Fund across 10 days.

“Our Prep boys learn a great deal about how the children in Cambodia live and how our money has improved the lives of many families – not just the children. We are all global citizens working together to learn how people live in other countries while also contributing to positive change through donations of money from the Christ Church community,” says Ms MacKinnon.