Published on: 12 April 2013

The Preparatory School’s annual Book Club book sale raised over $420 for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. Teacher librarian Mary Hookey said Book Club members, from Years 4 to 6, helped organise the sale from start to finish.

Mrs Hookey said each year the Prep Library held a sale of withdrawn books before the collection was updated. “Leading up to the sale, the boys made posters to advertise the event around the school as well as making announcements at assembly,” she said.

The boys sorted all the books into pricing levels and made signs for tables. All books were sold for one, two or three dollars over three lunchtimes. The Book Club members waited on tables, helped boys and collected money.

“Overall, this was an enjoyable experience for the Book Club boys and enabled other boys to buy books at very cheap prices to enjoy reading at home,” Mrs Hookey said. “The money raised will be donated to help supply much needed resources for reading.”

Mrs Hookey thanked all the boys and parents, who supported the book sale.

Book Club is one of many co-curricular activities offered to boys in the Prep School. It is a lunchtime activity, which also includes the annual Readers’ Cup, a trip to the local bookshop, attending the All Saints’ College Literature Festival as well as reading at the river, literary lunches and quizzes.