Published on: 4 April 2019

As we lead up to the end of term, classes will be visiting the Preparatory and Senior School Library and encouraged to borrow books for the April holidays.

During these visits students will be given the opportunity to share what they have read so far this term and recommend books to their peers. Our teacher librarians will also guide the conversations and share the latest books with boys.

“Research shows that reading for pleasure not only has a positive impact on educational outcomes, but also student wellbeing,” says Head of Library Services, Ms Lia de Sousa.

“Whether families are travelling or staying at home, this is an opportunity to share with your son the books he is reading, or perhaps listen to an audio book together on the long drive home or to your holiday destination.”

“Use the holiday period as an opportunity to catch up with your son and what he is reading, and have a conversation on developing good reading habits.”

Both libraries at Christ Church stock a wide range of books catering to the needs and interests of all boys, so please encourage your son to have a chat with one our friendly librarians who are more than happy to help.

Looking for holiday recommendations? Here are some of our latest reads.

Preparatory School Library

Peter & Ernesto by Graham Annable The Cardboard Kingdom by Chad Sell El Deafo by Cece Bell

Senior School Library

Suspicious Minds by Gwenda Bond After the lights go out by by Lili Wilkinson Courage by Barbara Binns