Published on: 30 March 2017

Next week our Prep School boys will be taking part in the celebration of Access Asia Week, a program dedicated to boys and staff developing Asian literacy and engaging in the diversity of Asian cultures.

Access Asia Week was introduced at Christ Church in 2012, providing a great complement to the introduction of Mandarin in 2014.

As part of the week long celebration, boys from Pre-Primary to Year 5 will experience a number of unique offerings including:

  • cultural infusion rotation – a series of fun and hands-on activities
  • a lion dance performance by Choy Lee Fut at the Prep School Assembly
  • the opportunity to order an Asian meal prepared by the University Asian Restaurant
  • storytelling by Claremont Library
  • Japanese cuisine demonstration by parents
  • kite making hosted by Kite Kinetics
  • an Asian tour talk hosted by our Year 11 boys


Access Asia Week provides the boys with rich cultural experiences and engaging activities in order to further develop their cross-cultural awareness and understanding of our Asian neighbours”, says Mandarin teacher, Li Liu.

Our Year 3 boys will finish the week with a special cultural excursion to the Confucius Institute, Claremont.