Published on: 23 September 2013

Christ Church has once again excelled in the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) and Australian Informatics Competition (AIC). The School received a record 23 prizes in the Senior School and four prizes in the Preparatory School.

Alexander Chua (Year 12) and William Hu (Year 7) were awarded medals in the AMC, of which only 25 are awarded in Australia. In the AIC, Terry Pham (Year 10) and William Hu (Year 7) received perfect scores.

Head of Mathematics Jan Honnens said it was the School’s best result to date in the competitions. “In 2012 we won prizes in the AMC in every Senior School year for the first time,” Mr Honnens said. “This year, we have been awarded prizes in both the AMC and AIC in every year group.”

Last week, medal recipients and prizewinners were announced at assembly:

Year 12 Alexander Chua AMC  
  David Wang   AIC
Year 11 Nicholas Lim AMC  
  Richard Tien AMC  
  Brendon Wright   AIC
Year 10 Matt Akehurst AMC  
  Joseph Brough AMC AIC
  Albert Qiu AMC  
  Terry Pham   AIC
Year 9 Devin He AMC AIC
  Ananthu Koloth AMC  
  Leo Li AMC  
  Thomas Waring AMC  
Year 8 Duncan Grainger AMC  
  Andrew Lawrance   AIC
  Keaton Wright   AIC
Year 7 Matthew Hamdorf AMC  
  William Hu AMC AIC
  Amitabh Jeganathan   AIC
  Albert Smith AMC  
Year 6 Patrick Mahony AMC  
Year 5 Zachary Ching AMC  
  Joshua Fry AMC  
  Barnabas Woo AMC