Published on: 3 August 2017

How many acts of kindness were you the mastermind of yesterday? How many acts of kindness did you receive yesterday? And what could you do for others? These were just a few of the questions asked of our Prep boys during the ‘Random acts of kindness’ Daily Bulletin challenge held recently.

Each of the Prep boys embraced the challenge to deliver at least one act of kindness per day of the week.

Some great examples of kindness demonstrated during the week included boys writing thank you notes to parents and staff, boys offering assistance to other boys in need, and a community service as part of Co-curricular Club where our Year 5 and 6 boys paid visit to an aged care facility, interacting with the elderly residents and playing board games together such as Rummikub.

“We have some boys who participate regularly in community service. The boys arrive with such energy and show incredible kindness. It is wonderful to see the joy they bring to others”, says Acting Director of Studies (Deputy Head), Ms Sarah Stone.

Despite it being a Daily Bulletin challenge with a finite timeline, teachers continue to encourage the boys to show kindness and gratitude and live the Christ Church values.