Published on: 10 February 2016

There is a strong culture of support and mentoring at Christ Church, clearly evident in the residential community. All new boarders are supported in navigating all aspects of residential living by a seasoned boarder, who is charged with helping to train, advise and share practical experiences with the new boys.

With 23 new boarders this year, our year 11 mentors have embraced their leadership opportunities, creating a warm, secure and supportive environment for the newest members of our community.

This year we also welcome two old boys to the boarding community, as they embrace the role of duty masters. Matt Smith (2011) past captain of Wolsey and school prefect was an outstanding rugby player and has maintained an association with Christ Church through coaching and tutoring.

Louis LeMessurier (2012) was captain of Moyes and a school prefect, heavily involved in swimming, athletics, football and basketball and a recipient of the Parents’ Association Service Award.

Experience tells us that having old boys immersed in the school, sharing their experience and expertise produces positive relationships. Research confirms that positive relationships contribute to healthier and happier boys.