Published on: 9 March 2017

Boys studying Humanities in Year 8 paid a special visit to Perth’s law courts last week to experience a full court hearing process and participate in legal education activities.

Offered as part of The Francis Burt Law Education Programme, the boys re-enacted a trial from early colonial days. This included sessions in the Supreme Court, District Court and the Magistrates Court.

“The boys really enjoyed seeing a real court in session and each class experienced very different cases. One class watched a jury selection and were surprised at who the lawyers challenged. One frequent comment from the boys was how serious and calm the courtrooms were compared to what we see on American based television shows, many of them agreed the Australian style was better than the Hollywood version!”, said Assistant Head of Humanities, Jasmine Head.

The visit provided the boys with an opportunity to see their classroom based learning put into practice in a real-world scenario. They were able to witness court processes and interact with people within the legal profession.