Published on: 16 February 2017

Our Year 9 boys made a special visit to Perth Zoo on Wednesday 15 February to explore the world of biomes. The boys spent time learning about and observing animals and vegetation across three different biomes; Australian hot desert, Asian rainforest and the African savannah. These biomes have been recreated at the Perth Zoo and the boys were tasked with investigating how the animals and vegetation have adapted and how humans interact with each of these biomes.

Key highlights of the visit included a lecture on animal adaptations and the opportunity to touch and feel the skin of a Boa constrictor.

“This excursion is a valuable part of our Year 9 Geography course. A trimester of Geography provides students with a taste of the subject. Visiting the zoo provided the boys with an opportunity to actually see, touch and smell what the plants and animals are like from these biomes  we have explored together in class”, said Mr Jason Lamb, Humanities and Geography Teacher.