Published on: 13 September 2017

Over the past weeks students from Christ Church and Penrhos College have been working in collaboration to explore the topics of Poverty and Inequality as part of Global Perspectives. This includes recent presentations of their work in the School’s ICT Centre.

Following Reverend Tim Costello’s (former CEO of World Vision and one of Australia’s best known community leaders) visit to Christ Church earlier this year, Year 10 students undertaking Global Perspectives at both schools have been working together in ‘supergroups,’ each picking topics of their own development.

“The project mirrors the need in our modern world to work ‘cross-culturally’ and to be able to find solutions to communication, cultural difference, and other team work issues to achieve a result,” says Ancient History and History Teacher, Mr Gareth Phillips.

“The gifted stream students from Penrhos have been working well with our boys. There have been some real benefits for all involved and it is anticipated that the cross-cultural project will be further refined next year. Technology has been used to good effect this year including the beneficial use of social media.”

“Our boys have developed their critical thinking through this joint project as well as learning some key lessons on the benefits of team work and how to deal with logistical hurdles. Next term, they will be assessed on how well they have developed their critical thinking and their global view as we look at specific scenarios, reasons, and justify solutions and/or beneficial pathways that can be taken.”

Global Perspectives is offered as an elective year-long unit for Year 10 students at Christ Church.