Published on: 19 July 2017

Each year, thousands of students from across five continents participate in the World Scholar’s Cup, a celebration of learning that brings together teams of students and a wide variety of challenges. Some of these challenges include Team Debating, Collaborative Writing, the Scholar’s Bowl, and Scholar’s Challenge.

This year a team of Christ Church boys have made it through to the next global round of the World Scholar’s Cup.

During the year, three boys from Year 8 and two from Year 9 (also 2016 participants) entered the World Scholar’s Cup independently. This resulted in the Year 9 boys finishing second place overall.

Participants this year are:

  • Sam Gillard (Year 8)
  • Orlando Phillips (Year 8)
  • Joel Hurworth (Year 8)
  • Ashley Porter (Year 9)
  • David Jones (Year 9)

“This is an excellent initiative on the part of the boys and is an excellent opportunity for boys to pit their skills against schools and students from all around the world”, says Mr Les Goh, Head of Humanities.

“Now that all our boys are through to the global round they have a choice of whether they compete in Hanoi, Athens or Cape Town this month.”