Published on: 14 July 2016

A group of Christ Church boys had an experience of a lifetime at the World Scholar’s Cup in Bangkok over the holidays.

With more than 3400 students in attendance, it was the largest global round ever and an extraordinary trip for the boys.

“The boys have learnt new skills in terms of team work, communication and debating, as well as collaboration, lateral thinking and application of knowledge,” said Vanessa Badaraco, Humanities Teacher.

“They met and made friends with people from across the globe including Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Bahrain, China, Bosnia, India, Israel, Norway and Zambia (to name a few), and celebrated their love of learning with some of the brightest and most articulate young people from around the world.”

Both teams were awarded a number of medals for their individual and team performances in the competition. To see further details, please click here.

“This has been an extraordinarily successful academic tour and I feel very proud and privileged to have been a coach to these boys. They have done themselves and the School very proud.”