Published on: 28 August 2015

This year, the Senior School Library celebrated the Book Week theme ‘Books light up our World,’ with a virtual display constructed within the world of Minecraft.

Throughout the term, 50 boys from Year 7 to 11 worked together, transforming a flat landscape into a unique and vibrant world, inspired by their favourite books and genres.

Minecraft provides a platform for students to create, collaborate and problem-solve. Similar to a virtual-style Lego set, it allows participants to design and build anything in their imagination.

“Not only are they creating buildings, they are also taking part in complex engineering as they wire up lights, create moving parts and incorporate special effects,” said Mr Luke Milton.

“They started with a flat empty world and block-by-block created huge structures including the Tower of Orthanc from Lord of the Rings (inclusive of a working dam), the Hunger Games arena, the church from The Outsiders, the Glade from The Mazerunner and Lake Town from The Hobbit. The server also contains a virtual copy of the Senior School Library where students can converge.”

It is hoped that in future years, this Minecraft project will be adapted and expanded as future students incorporate their imaginative ideas.

“The thing I like about creating Minecraft worlds is that they are your own world and your imagination is the limit. I also like capturing a book in a matter of blocks,” said Jamie Bougher (Year 8).

“I worked on the Barn from After, the Church from The Outsiders, the wall that surrounds all the builds and I played a small part in the construction of the roller coaster.”