Published on: 19 March 2020

Two hundred of our Year 10 boys recently participated in a remote learning trial.

The trial, conducted as part of proactive measures by the School to ensure preparedness for continuity of learning amid the global Coronavirus, allowed the boys to join online classes from a remote location such as home or from designated classrooms on campus.

Principal Alan Jones said the trial was outstanding, putting the School in a really good position moving forward.

“We were able to deliver every single class from Periods 1 and 2 ranging from Science to Mathematics to English and Physical Education,” Mr Jones said.

“We were able to talk to all 200 boys and we had them greeting us in their first language, in their second language (if they knew), a tale of what had happened during their morning and we also discussed their day ahead.”

“The teacher would see all 20 or 25 students and small pictures of them. Students who wished to ask a question could do an emoji wave as if to raise their hand.”

“There was also the opportunity for messaging between the teacher and student, and YouTube videos could be played for an experiment that needed to be done. It was very much interactive.”

The students were surveyed following the trial and asked two key questions; did you feel connected and did you learn? The responses were very positive in both cases.

“What we wanted was the boys’ best efforts and they were absolutely terrific, rising to the occasion. It was a wonderful exercise,” Mr Jones said.