Published on: 29 October 2020


Last week a group of Year 10 boys embarked on an excursion to the Security Research Institute where they immersed themselves into the world of cyber security.

On the excursion our boys met with PhD students working on a range of projects, including Penetration Testing (legally trying to break into corporate IT systems to expose any security weaknesses) and investigating ways to take control over drones that are flying in restricted areas.

The highlight of the tour had the boys participating in a ‘Capture the Flag’ activity, in which they had to solve a number of cyber related problems to try and find hidden clues. After lunch the boys were given a presentation about the role of the Australian Signals Directorate and some of the career opportunities that those interested in Cyber Security might pursue.

Head of Computer Science Chris Anderson described the vital importance of learning cyber security skills “As technology increasingly controls our lives, it is important that we are able to keep this technology secure. At a personal level, we need to ensure that our information is kept private so we are not subject to identity theft or suffer from some other form of cybercrime. On a national level, security weaknesses in our critical infrastructure could be used to cause havoc by shutting down the electricity grid, interfering with traffic lights or chemical treatment plants. Having people with the skills to find any weaknesses and help plug the holes is vital to keep us all safe.”