Published on: 16 October 2015

At the end of Term 3, 12 boys spent 8 days in Hong Kong as part of the Year 9 cultural immersion program.

Mathematics teacher Ben Hodsdon who accompanied the boys, said the aim of the program was to immerse boys in the school and daily life of Hong Kong students, fostering relationships and enhancing student connections as global citizens.

Reflecting on their experiences, the boys wrote the following;

“Bright lights! Big city! A hub where old and new coexist. I am lucky to have a glimpse of the ultramodern, vibrant lifestyle, while experiencing peace in the Lam home. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, a beautiful concrete skyline against the backdrop of green hills, combine to create an exotic, modern, innovative city that is Hong Kong.”
Ethan Koh (Year 9)

“I really loved going on exchange to Saint Paul’s, especially the experience of living in a modern Hong Kong family. I am extremely grateful that Christopher took me into his family and allowed me to have this experience of a lifetime. This trip allowed me to find purpose in studying Mandarin back at CCGS while enveloping myself in another culture.”
Tristan Chandraratna (Year 9)

“I really enjoyed the exchange program with St. Paul’s College. My buddy, Cyrus, showed me everything that Hong Kong has to offer, from eating Tofu pudding, to riding a bike around Sha Tin. We explored the Hong Kong culture, going to local markets and my exchange family took us to a religious temple, where we found our fortune. The CCGS students also got an insight into how the school system works in Hong Kong, taking classes at St. Paul’s College. The classes were surprisingly noisy, and some teachers even used a microphone! Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the exchange and I’d definitely recommend it to younger kids at the School.”
Ben Morris (Year 9)