Published on: 19 June 2015

Christ Church finished 46th globally, 29th nationally and were the 3rd Western Australian school overall in this year’s Language Perfect World Championships. More than 500 Christ Church boys took part in the international languages competition, answering over eight hundred and fifty thousand questions and participating in almost six thousand hours of online learning.

The 10-day championships, touted as the largest online languages competition in the world, saw students earn points for producing correct answers to vocabulary and grammar questions, under time pressure, in any of fourteen languages.

Head of Languages, Ms Nicola Griffin-Appadoo congratulated Akinwale Ayonrinde (Year 10), Ashley Porter (Year 7), Sean Kim (Year 5), Philip Pine (Year 7) and Liam Bong (Year 7) for receiving Gold Awards and thanked the top scoring class, 7.1 French, for their hard work.

“With four learning modes to use, the boys have the opportunity to practice their ‘target language’ words, develop their listening comprehension and improve their English literacy,” she said.

“They have a lot of fun competing, and for the most part, the learning takes place without them even realising”.

 This year, our Christ Church boys achieved:

  • 1st for Chinese in WA out of 83 schools
  • 1st in WA for the 501 to 1,000 students category out of 16 schools
  • 2nd for French in WA out of 93 schools
  • 3rd overall in WA out of 106 schools
  • 8th overall globally in Chinese out of 788 schools
  • 46th overall globally out of 1077 schools

 Chinese Teacher, Li Liu said the Prep boys loved taking part in Language Perfect.

“Boys who are strong in Chinese found Language Perfect competitive and fun, even the less competitive boys enjoyed learning at their own pace. It is a fantastic tool – interactive, engaging and the improvement in the boys language vocabulary was really evident”.

Language Perfect donated $5 307 of their registration fees to the Nepal Relief Effort on behalf of all students who earned Gold or Elite certificates during the competition.