Published on: 21 May 2015

Four Year 12 boys recently took part in an excursion to see the French film Samba. Focused on the issue of immigration, Samba explores the plight of a Senegal refugee, following his migration to France.

The excursion was planned to introduce the boys to the issue of immigration before building on their knowledge in the classroom. The film also assisted in peaking their interest in French films and helped with their language skills.

James Flipo, Year 12 French student commented “We were all very interested to learn about the issue of immigration in France as it is an important topic this year. We all enjoyed the movie, particularly the humorous touches”.

Christ Church recognises the importance of learning a second language and offers a range to choose from, including Chinese (Mandarin), French and Japanese.

When studying a language, boys are immersed in the culture. The French course, for example, delves into French media, television, advertising and cinema. The boys also study French technology, future planning for the country, immigration and youth issues.

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