Published on: 20 June 2014

Christ Church finished first in its category (501 to 1,000 students) and second overall in Western Australia in this year’s Language Perfect World Championships.

More than 480 Christ Church boys took part in the international languages competition – answering over 719,200 questions and spending about 2,104 hours online.

The School finished 24th in Australia and 38th globally in the 10-day championships, which is touted as the largest online languages competition in the world with more than 1,000 schools and about 300,000 students competing.

Students earn points for producing correct answers to vocabulary and grammar questions, under time pressure, in any of 13 languages.

This year, Christ Church received 19 Gold Awards (3,000 or more points), 10 Silver Awards (2,000), 49 Bronze Awards (1,000) and 69 Credit Awards (500). It was the sixth year the School had subscribed to the Language Perfect site, which stages the annual world championships.

School achievements:
• 2nd overall in WA (out of 124 schools)
• 38th overall globally (out of 1,151 schools)
• 24th overall in Australia (out of 778 schools)
• 12th overall in the 501 to 1,000 students category (out of 133 schools)
• 1st in WA for the 501 to 1,000 students category (out of 18 schools)
• 10th in Australia for the 501 to 1,000 students category (out of 110 schools)
• 40th overall in French (out of 962 schools)
• 4th for French in WA (out of 109 schools)
• 52nd overall in Japanese (out of 916 schools)
• 27th for French in Australia (out of 649 schools)