Published on: 8 June 2023

Languages Week has been a wonderful opportunity for students, teachers and staff to celebrate the diversity of our school community.

There has been an array of extra-curricular activities on offer for the week to further engage students in their target language and learn about other cultures.

Some Year 11 boys spent the lead up to Languages Week preparing a language lesson for teachers. Jeremiah Wang and Callum Chin conducted a Japanese class for teachers, Kai Mahalingham and Riki Rhee taught a Chinese lesson, and Noah Rucklidge and Cy Lendich a French lesson.

Boys also enjoyed learning how to cook authentic cuisines,  including crêpes and a Swiss Raclette. There was a stand at recess and lunchtime on Thursday serving bubble tea, a traditional Taiwanese sweet drink.

Activities continued after school with foreign film screenings that were held in the Senior School staffroom. Boys watched movies in their target language, which is not only enjoyable, but also improves their vocabulary and listening skills in a non-native language.

Students are eagerly awaiting the final activities on Friday – a Kung Fu class for Years 8 to 10 in the Refectory and a Karate class for Year 8 students in the Blue Gym.