Published on: 7 May 2015

This exchange to France has been the greatest experience of my life. Before leaving, many of my friends said there was no way I would go through with it. Yet, I found myself alone on that 20-hour plane flight and knew it was the best decision I’ve ever

My first couple of weeks consisted of dealing with jet lag, trying not to freeze in the 4° weather, and falling asleep in class 3 times (oops). I have made many new friends. The school, Saint-Jean et La Croix, seems to consist of the nicest teenagers you could find on the planet. During my first couple of weeks, my family also took me to the Chateau de Pierrefonds, the first castle I have ever seen.

After that we settled into the regular routine of school. The school
 days are different to Australia; school commences at 8.00am and 
finishes at 5.30pm (depending on your electives), except on Wednesday where it finishes at 12.00pm. Also, their lunches are an hour and a half long, so students can return home to eat.

I have become great friends with everyone in my class, and they have helped my French language skills to the extent of me being able to take a written questions test in Mathematics in which I scored 55% (not the lowest mark in the class).

Before my return to Australia, my family and I visited Paris and I got to see part of the Musée de Louvre and the Eiffel Tower.

This trip has greatly improved my French, to the point of being able to have normal everyday conversations in French. It has also been an amazing journey that I will remember for the rest of my life. It has completely changed my life, and I am really going to miss it.

Au Revoir

Shane Morgan