Published on: 21 March 2014

The biggest problem I had with my French studies before coming to St Quentin was having the confidence to speak French. When I first arrived in St Quentin it was difficult for me to adjust to the new language, surroundings, the French lifestyle and a new set of family dynamics. However as I began to get to know my host family I started to realise that coming to France hadn’t been a mistake at all and in fact, to my surprise, I was starting to enjoy myself. When it came to school, I was unsure what to expect – would it be very strict or relaxed but mainly, what my fellow students would be like. But when I arrived at Lycée St Jean et La Croix I was met with a chorus of ‘bonjour’ and ‘ca va?’ and knew that everything would be great. And it has been great, fantastic even, as I’ve learnt so much so far and have made so many great friends.

Cameron Carr (Year 10), Beyond Queenslea Drive immersion student