Published on: 28 November 2019

A team of boys from Christ Church have won equal first place in the Junior Secondary division of this year’s Japan Foundation Video Matsuri contest.

The boys scripted, acted and produced a three-minute short film titled Ohashi No Kurou (Chopstick Struggles) based on chopsticks, this year’s feature item which had to be incorporated in some capacity as part of the contest.

Members of the winning team include Wesley Peh (Year 7), Campbell Cocks (Year 7), Rayden Liao (Year 7), Riki Rhee (Year 7), Ben Rollason (Year 7), Jack Collis (Year 8), Ryan Liang (Year 8), William Mawson (Year 8), Tom Pickering (Year 8), Kenneth Lo (Year 9), Thomas Harris (Year 9), Jason Liu (Year 9) and Rishi Yogesan (Year 9).

Short film team member Thomas Harris described it as “the story of a boy who is teased by his friends when it’s discovered that he has no dexterity or coordination in using chopsticks.”

“After being humiliated and left feeling deflated, his fortune changes when he bumps into a wise old man who gives him the confidence to go out and find the ‘magical chopsticks.’ The boy searches far and wide until his quest ends in the most unassuming of ways.”

Head of Languages Mr Vinko Shain said, “This was our first ever entry and to win the Junior Secondary category is a huge accomplishment.”

“It’s encouraging to witness our boys engaging with the Japanese language in different ways and use what they’ve been learning to come up with something so creative and polished.”

“Next year we’re planning something even more special…stay tuned!”

This year’s Junior Secondary category of the Japan Foundation Video Matsuri contest involved 70 schools nationally.

Watch the video: