Published on: 1 August 2019

This week we warmly welcomed 15 exchange students from our partner school in Japan, Hotoku Gakuen.

Christ Church has been a partner school with Hotoku Gakuen since 1989 with the student exchange operating on a bi-annual basis since inception.

“This program has a long and proud history and allows the students to appreciate language on a deeper level. Not only is it a chance to experience language outside of a typical classroom setting, it is an opportunity to have complete immersion with another culture,” explains Head of Languages, Vinko Shain.

“The homestay component in particular allows students to see what everyday family life is like abroad, and the school component gives an opportunity for students to compare their familiar education system with another.”

“It is extremely powerful for all involved and fosters empathy for cross-cultural diversity, and an appreciation of the value of learning another language.”

The exchange students in Years 10 and 11 are being hosted with Christ Church families for the duration of their stay and will participate in all regular school classes and activities.

Students from the USA, China, UK and Germany are also currently at Christ Church as part of an exchange.