Published on: 10 September 2020


The Year 3 Chinese class were recently visited by their Year 8 counterparts who used the opportunity to impart some of their linguistic skills.

As part of the presentation each Year 8 boy recited a line from a counting poem in Chinese as the Year 3 boys counted along. Year 3 Chinese teacher Ms Phillipa Nock commented on the Year 8 boys’ leadership “I was impressed by the kind and nurturing way the older boys interacted with the little ones, their patience and enthusiasm was the best part of this exercise”.

The boys then broke out into smaller groups in which the Senior School boys read the Prep School boys a short story about their favourite animal in Chinese.

Ms Nock described the value of this excursion “We encourage this sharing as a way of showing future possibilities to the younger students and gave the older boys a real opportunity to showcase their learning, they were very proud of what they have achieved in their continuing study of Chinese.”