Published on: 14 May 2015

“One of the most exciting things about being alive today is the convergence of east and west, of ancient and modern…” Buddhist David Michie, Why Mindfulness is Better than Chocolate.

Last week, the Year 9 students were immersed in eastern and western cultures as the boys got a taste of long-standing historical traditions hailing from China, Japan, Germany and France.

Ms Nicola Griffin-Appadoo, Head of Languages, said the aim of the day was to ignite the boys’ interest in the world around them.

“Whether they study a language or not, we want our boys to have an awareness and understanding of the many cultures around the world – we want them to have a global perspective.”

The day was a blend of different activities, foods and experiences, from the ancient French sport of Pétanque, to authentic crepes and Japanese calligraphy and origami.

One mother provided the following reflection:

“I wanted to let you know how delighted we were to see the school organising the cultural East-West Day. Our son thoroughly enjoyed it and was very impressed with the way it was presented. While learning from books and the internet is fine, hands on workshops like these help to make education a far more enjoyable experience. Well done to Nicky Griffin-Appadoo and her team for the hours of work they will have spent on this. We do appreciate it.”

To see Ms Griffin-Appadoo’s full report of the day, click here.