Published on: 30 October 2015

Prefects elected to lead the School in 2016 made individual pledges and were presented with their distinguishing ties at the Senior School Assembly on Thursday.

The Captain of School for 2016 Owain Chandler, will be supported by James Borshoff as Vice-Captain of School and Service Prefect.




School Prefects 2016
Captain of School – Owain Chandler (Wolsey)
Vice-Captain of School and Service Prefect – James Borshoff (Jupp)
Academic Prefect and Captain of Jupp – Tom Robins
Sport Prefect and Captain of Romsey – Zac Bowles
Cultural Prefect and Captain of Wolsey – Leo Li
Leader of Walters Residential Community – Jacob Wilding

Captain – Taegan Jolly
Vice-Captain – Jake Patmore

Captain – Jonah Allen
Co Vice-Captain – Ben Edwards
Co Vice-Captain – Thomas Waring

Captain – Tom Robins
Vice-Captain – Devin He

Captain – Tom Pennell
Vice-Captain – Tom Weight

Captain – Sam Elias
Co Vice-Captain – Gerry Ansey
Co Vice-Captain – Matthew Wilson

Captain – Jack Annear
Vice-Captain – Cameron Everett
House Prefect – Asad Yusoff 

Captain – Zac Bowles
Co Vice-Captain – Oliver Girdwood
Co Vice-Captain – Jack Lewsey

Captain – Leo Li
Vice-Captain – Adeniyi Adegboye
House Prefect – Jeff Ge