Published on: 16 March 2017

Fifteen new School and House Prefects were inducted at the Senior School Assembly last week joining the current student leadership team.

The new prefects were presented with their badges and ties before declaring they would work for the good of the School and broader community. The prefects were invited to sign a special ‘School Prefects’ book which carries with it history and tradition. Prefects at Christ Church are appointed by their peers and staff.

Principal Alan Jones congratulated the boys as they were inducted and shared a reminder that leadership is more than holding an office or having a badge, it is about earning the respect of your community and focusing on a well communicated common goal.

As a prefect, each of these boys are expected to serve as an ambassador when representing the School and to support in various routine tasks and special functions.

Our 15 new prefects joining the student leadership team are:

Thomas Hage (House Prefect)
Johnathan Kao (House Prefect)

Will Mardon (School Prefect)

Vincent Goodwin (House Prefect)
Emanuel Karageorge (House Prefect)
Byram De Campo Khan (House Prefect)
Christian Harding (School Prefect)
Andrew Slee (School Prefect)

Keaton Wright (House Prefect)
Jordan Di Girolami (School Prefect)
Brodie Albert (School Prefect)

Riley Magraith (House Prefect)
Adam Di Tullio (School Prefect)

Andrew Lawrence (House Prefect)

Jesse Zhou (School Prefect)

Congratulations to all the boys.