Published on: 30 July 2020

Studies highlight the benefits of reading for children, including helping them to understand the world, enhance their comprehension skills and increase their level of intelligence.

During the month of August we recommend the following reads for Year 3 boys:

The Patchwork Bike by Maxine Beneba Clarke
A joyous story by multi-award-winning author Maxine Beneba Clarke, beautifully illustrated by street artist Van Thanh Rudd.

The Black Book of Colours by Menena Cottin
Using simple language and beautiful textured art, this book shows you how to ‘see’ without your eyes. From out of the blackness, a beautiful rainbow of colours emerges!

Drawn Together by Minh Le
A heart-warming story of a grandfather and his grandson as they learn to overcome their language barrier through a shared love of art and storytelling.

Ada Twist, Scientist by Andrea Beaty
A story about the power of curiosity in the hands of a child who is on a mission to use science to understand her world.

The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo
A 2003 children’s fantasy book which follows the adventures of a mouse named Despereaux Tilling, as he sets out on his quest to rescue a beautiful human princess from the rats.

These recommended reads are available for loan from the Preparatory School Library.

In both Preparatory and Senior School Libraries, boys can choose books from a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction titles, catering to different maturity levels and year groups.

Visiting hours for the Preparatory School Library are 8.15am to 3.30pm daily including lunchtime and 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Thursday or 8.00am to 4.00pm every Friday for the Senior School Library, including every recess and lunchtime.

For any school library enquiries, please contact Ms Lia de Sousa, Head of Library Services.