Published on: 16 March 2017

Each Friday morning, our Mathematics Department run a specialist class for students from Years 10 to 12 who are on the Maths Methods or Maths Specialist pathway, and are interested in studying engineering (particularly mining engineering) at university. The class, held in the Design and Technology building, involves a STEM-based challenge where boys have the opportunity to learn how to model an ore body, design a pit and develop underground mine workings. This also includes training in Surpac Mine Planning software.

“The software normally retails for $88,000 per license but we have been given 15 academic licenses for a total of $500. So, the boys have $1,320,000 of software to play with!” says Dr Sisson who heads the class.

On completion of the class, the boys will be better informed regarding engineering opportunities and experience generated from using the software will be advantageous for those looking to gain entry into the mining industry.

Recently in the area of STEM, four of our Year 12 boys were involved in the first Electric Vehicle (eV) Challenge event of the year. Open to high school and community groups,  the one-day team challenge involved building a cost-effective, electric-powered vehicle and to see which one travelled the furthest in 60 seconds. The boys thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and placed 4th.

For enquiries about the specialist class please contact Dr Robert Sisson.