Published on: 16 November 2017

Our Year 10 cohort set off on Tuesday morning for their highly anticipated Venture, comprising a 11-day journey in small groups with two staff, through the bushland, majestic forests and coastal settings of the Walpole-Nornalup National Park.

The experience includes the boys trekking through bushland, forest and coastal tracks from Pemberton to Denmark, making good use of the Bibbulmun Track, canoeing down the Shannon, Deep and Frankland Rivers, rafting across Nornalup and Broke Inlets, and experiencing the picturesque forests, beaches, and waterways of Western Australia’s south coast region.

Director of Activities Mr Neil Saggers says, “This year we have some new additions to Venture, this being the 27th year running. This includes community service work in conjunction with the Department of Parks and Wildlife.”

“The boys have prepared well and are now working in small teams to overcome issues in the simpler realms of the bush; they will also get time to enjoy and reflect.”

Venture is a rite of passage for Year 10 boys and offers a lifelong learning experience filled with unique memories. Boys who take part experience real challenges and utilise problem-solving skills to adapt to unexpected and adventurous situations along the journey.