Published on: 5 June 2015

After sailing the seas aboard the STS Leeuwin II for six days, the final voyage of Year 8 boys have returned home from their ocean adventure.

This year’s cohort climbed the 33-metre main sail, scrubbed decks, saw shooting stars through the Milky Way, and took the helm to steer the course.

“It was an adventure of a lifetime, during night watch we saw dolphins jumping and some amazing shooting stars in the night sky, ” Thomas Salter said.

“I felt it was my destiny to climb to the top of the main sail and conquer my fear of heights. I succeeded and the experience was amazing,” commented William Thomas.

The partnership between Christ Church and the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation, now in its fifth year, provides every Year 8 student with a six-day adventure in the World Heritage Site of Shark Bay. The boys are among the youngest to sail on the training ship and Christ Church is the only WA school to include the sailing experience as part of its compulsory Outdoor Education program.

Touted as a ‘highly challenging experience’, the aim of the voyage is to expand the boys’ capabilities and sense of themselves.

“The boys are challenged to show initiative, responsibility and look out for each other,” said Mr Mark Morrissy, Director of Planning and Co-curricular.

“Teamwork and communication are key skills when running a tall ship like the Leeuwin, and while the boys were challenged to work efficiently and effectively together, there were plenty of opportunities for leaders to shine”.