Published on: 29 April 2020

It was a very clean start to the term, with boys and staff embracing new hygiene standards.

The standards include:

  • boy sanitising their hands when entering the classroom
  • staff reinforcing the thorough washing of hands and coughing/sneezing into an elbow or tissue
  • cleaning twice daily of handrails/door handles and high contact areas such as toilets with hospital grade disinfectant
  • regular cleaning of classrooms including desks, light switches and surfaces
  • reconfiguration of desks with 1.5 metres between students
  • placement of signage throughout the campus regarding washing hands, social distancing and coughing into the elbow
  • designated spaces around the campus for year groups to congregate
  • teacher protection zones at the front of each classroom

Principal Alan Jones said, “We greatly appreciate everyone’s cooperation during this period and together, we can help minimise the level of risk within our school community.”

“Parents are asked to play an important part with regularly reminding their son about hygiene.”

“It is wonderful to have the boys back on campus and we are looking forward to a great term ahead.”

A reminder that no parents are allowed onto campus until further notice, with exception to Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten families who are permitted to use the yellow dot car bays during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up.

See here for further information regarding Term 2 guidelines.