Published on: 5 November 2020

The annual Christ Church Grammar School ‘Mother and Son’ event was held on Saturday 31 October. Year 7 boys and their mothers were welcomed into the Chapel for a special event that celebrated the journey our Christ Church boys and their mothers have taken to arrive at this moment in their life.

Bill Jennings, creator of ‘Time and Space’, facilitated the unique experience remotely and guided the mothers and sons through a series of engaging activities which involved both discussion groups and a significant one-on-one interaction with one-another.

In his introduction to the event Mr Jennings noted that “Times of transition can be a major event in our boys’ lives. As their ride on the adolescent roller coaster continues, their teenage years fly by. They are growing up and the opportunity to reflect on the challenges and the joys being faced by you and them is one not to be missed”.

The highlight of the day’s events was an activity in which mothers and sons revealed a treasured item or symbol that represented something significant about their relationship.

This innovative mother/son program formed part of the School’s ongoing commitment to boys’ health and wellbeing. Through our Health and Wellbeing Program (HWB), boys at Christ Church consistently explore the concept of positive relationships. 

Thank you to all mothers/female mentors who joined us on the day.