Published on: 19 September 2019

The relationship between mother and son is a very special one, and this term our Year 12 boys and their mothers/significant females attended a very special occasion.

Mothers and sons gathered in the School Chapel for a ceremony led by School Chaplain, The Reverend Nicholas Russell, including readings by current parents Trish Connell and Jill Elias, an affirmation letter exchange, solo performance by Arman Brian (Year 11) followed by presentation from Director of The Wynne Centre for Boys’ Health and Wellbeing, Liam Casson and morning tea in Manjar Square.

Reverend Russell commented, “All our family relationships matter. But there is something particularly special about the relationship between mothers and sons.”

“During the mother-son service, we reflected on the story of the birth of Jesus, where the first person to receive the announcement of Christ’s coming into the world is his mother. This signals that in God’s eyes there is something deeply important and spiritual about this relationship and the story encouraged us to cherish and build that relationship into the future.”

“Year 12 is a significant time in anyone’s life, and we wanted to mark the importance of this relationship with a special event. The service enabled us to reflect on this relationship, while also committing mothers, sons and the School to prayer.”

There are many occasions throughout the Christ Church journey where the mother/son relationship is celebrated – Mother’s Day morning teas in the Preparatory School, ‘Time and Space’ sessions for Year 7 boys and mothers, and the Year 10 mother and son breakfast – just to name a few.

A Year 11 mother and son day will be held at Kooringal during Term 4, where mothers and boys can spend a day together taking time out of the normal busyness of life to connect. Further details about this event can be found under the CCGS World year group notices.

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