Published on: 17 September 2015

On Wednesday evening, the Christ Church boarding community enjoyed a fine dining experience as they attended the Term 3 Residential Dinner. Dressed in formals, the boys engaged in dinner conversation with invited guests, enjoyed live music and guest speakers and enjoyed a three-course meal with friends.

“A formal dinner is something the boarders do not experience on a day-to-day basis,” said Brad Downing, Director of Walters Residential Community.

“It is a different experience for them to have a three-course meal at a table with a tablecloth, multiple sets of cutlery and carafes of drinks to share. The evening also provides the boys with the opportunity to converse with boarders from other years, allowing the older boys to mentor the younger ones.”

This term’s dinner had an old boy theme and 17 old boys were welcomed back, providing the boys with an insight into their boarding experiences and life after School.

Trevor Badger (1983) spoke of the old boy network and how on a number of business occasions, a decision was made due to a shared CCGS link. He reminded the boarders that in his day, boarders dominated every sport in the School, except swimming and life saving (naturally…they were from the country), and implored the boys not to forget their superiority as residents of the School.

Martin Booth (1959) shared his wonderful story, having been a boarder at Christ Church from 1948 (Year 1) to 1959 (Year 12). He travelled from Singapore by ship every year for 12 years, remaining at School for a full year before returning home (by ship again) for Christmas. He talked about life as a ‘school ship kid’ and the fun he had on board with 100 other children, boys and girls, from various Perth private schools. Reflecting on his experience he felt he developed independence and ingenuity, which has served him well through life.

Many thanks to the old boys who gave up their time to be part of this experience; it was a memorable night for all.