Published on: 23 May 2014

The Year 11 Dance took a step back in time this year with the boys and their partners styling up in ‘Op Shop Glamour’. With the help of Anglicare WA and the Parents’ Auxiliary, boys and girls had an opportunity to purchase their outfit from a ‘pop-up op shop‘ before the event.

Director of Activities Neil Saggers said it was wonderful to see boys embrace the new theme, which will continue for future Year 11 Dances. Drawing on the School’s association with Anglicare, boys and girls were asked to spare the expense, scour local charity shops and give something back to the community.

Mr Saggers said the parent volunteers, led by Allison Marshall, did a wonderful job in the lead up to the event and on the night – giving the Gymnasium Precinct a retro-inspired makeover complete with a ‘chill-out’ zone furnished with old lounges, vinyl records and a gramophone – all sourced from charity shops.

To complete the feel, a photographer took Polaroid photographs of each couple, which were displayed during the night and became a token of the evening for boys and girls to take home. They were also given an orange Anglicare bag for regifting their outfits back to Anglicare or for going through their own wardrobes to donate quality items.

Mr Saggers said the pop-up shop, which was set up in the Old Boys’ Gallery two weeks prior to the dance, raised more than $1,000 for Anglicare. By sourcing furniture and decorations from charity shops a further $500 saving, from funds allocated for this purpose, will also be donated to Anglicare.

Professional photographs courtesy of Maverick Photography