Published on: 8 August 2014

In Term 2, 40 Year 8 boys took part in a day-long experience designed to help them understand global citizenship. Facilitated by the School’s Centre for Excellence, the High Resolves program aims to help secondary school students develop the mindsets, skills and confidence to become purposeful global citizens and leaders.

The program uses a creative mix of interactive simulations, role-playing exercises, small group discussions and student-led action projects to create positive impact in the school and wider community, and students their choices matter and that they can change the world.

Director of the Centre for Excellence Monica Mackay said the boys were led through a range of engaging games and stimulating discussions and thoroughly enjoyed exploring the modules of collective identify and justice.

In one simulation game, the boys experienced the opportunities and challenges that came with being born into radically different income groups. Another game simulated a crisis situation where students had to analyse a variety of messages about different cultural groups and overcome divisions in order to survive.

Robert Browne (Year 8) said the program had given him an appreciation of how difficult life was for people in developing countries. “I was part of a team who was representing Guatemala during the day,” he said. “We learnt that most people there have to work far harder and for longer hours than we in Australia do, and for a reward that is a tiny fraction of what we expect as our right here.”

Head of Humanities David Proudlove said High Resolves was so well received that he hoped to extend the program to all Year 8 students in 2015.                                                                                                                                                            

The Centre for Excellence supports students and staff in the area of academic extension.