Published on: 19 June 2016

Jonathan Doyle, author of Bridging the Gap: 8 Ideas to Improve Your Life, spoke with the Year 10 to 12 students this week, challenging them to think about what it means to be good men.

“Each of you have the phenomenal capacity to be an extraordinary man, so what will stop you? Your environment and your choices,” he said.

“The rest of your life is about to become the exact outcome of your choices.”

Jonathan encouraged the boys to take control of their lives, effect change where it is needed and be compassionate, gentle and courageous.

“Research is telling us that hard work and perseverance always trump talent. Failure is feedback, attempt something and if it doesn’t work, change something and try again. Obstacles make you stronger.”

Jonathan told the boys that being a good man is having generativity – the capacity to create, give and do good. He then outlined a number of strategies to effect change and find strength to become the men they want to be.

“To change your life, you just need one good idea you are prepared to use,” he said.

He also discussed the importance of having a positive reference group, those being the five people they spend the most time with outside their immediate family.

“You will rise as high as the five people you spend the most time with.”

Jonathan later spoke to the Christ Church community about the fundamental task of ‘character formation’ in our son’s lives.

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