Published on: 3 March 2016

‘If someone has taken an illegal drug and they are feeling unwell, don’t wait call 000.’

‘Never forget, you’re a mate, not a doctor. Get professional help ASAP.’

Salient advice from Paul Dillon, our recent speaker from Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia when he met our Year 10 to 12 boys this week.

Armed with the latest information and statistics on drugs and alcohol, Paul also spoke to parents regarding – How much influence do parents really have?

Director of Planning and Co-curricular Mark Morrissy said Paul was a highly engaging speaker with more than 25 years experience in drug education.

“Each year, Paul’s direct approach engages the students, particularly the Year 10 boys, who are conversing with him for the first time,” Mr Morrissy said.

Paul spoke to the boys about alcohol and other drugs, their availability, social effects, and most importantly, the impact they can have on young people. He also provided advice on looking after others when dealing with people under the influence.

Paul’s visits to Christ Church are possible thanks to the Parents’ Association.