Published on: 13 September 2016

Josh Collier, Harish Dhakshinamorthy and Alex Frost had great success in this year’s Young ICT Explorers Awards.

Young ICT Explorers is a competition created to encourage students to create their best Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related projects.

Josh Collier came first in the Year 11 to 12 category with his Omni-Ball project. Omni-Ball features three omni wheels which were designed in 3D and produced using the School’s 3D printer. The omni wheels are built into a ball that has the capability to move in any direction. Josh was inspired to apply the mathematics he is learning in specialist Maths, and writing the code for this project provided that opportunity.

Harish Dhakshinamorthy and Alex Frost came third in the Year 11 to 12 category with their Amaze project, a maze game with an additional gyro glove controller allowing participants to use hand movements to control the movement of the maze.

Following his success, Josh will be invited to the national competition later this year and has also been invited by a member of the judging panel to participate in a one week ‘immersion’ at the Next DC data centre in Perth.

“It was a great day with many inspiring projects on display and high levels of energy and engagement,” said Patrick Louden, Design and Technology Teacher.

“Our boys have learnt a great deal from having to prepare and present their projects to a panel of industry judges. We are very proud of their achievements.”