Published on: 8 February 2018

Our annual Ad Astra Day took place at St George’s College this week, offering all Year 11 boys a special opportunity to gain inspiration and guidance from a line-up of speakers including old boy and keynote speaker, The Hon. Chief Justice Wayne Stewart Martin AC.

During the program, the Chief Justice pointed out ways in which young people can build strong foundations as they negotiate a path through their final years of secondary school, reminding our Year 11s that while they only live once, life at their age should not be about risk-taking but maximising all opportunities.

Specifically, the Chief Justice encouraged the boys to avoid procrastination by stating “Budget your time like your money.”

The Ad Astra Day program was facilitated by Christ Church teachers and covered sessions including career pathways, getting the best out of your brain, effective research and organisation, mathematics, and languages, where boys were able to select sessions they wished to attend throughout the day.