Published on: 19 September 2019

Christ Church has been honoured for its long-standing support of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award.

The School received recognition for outstanding service as a Licensed Award Centre, contributing to the development of young Australians and being a significant contributor to the Award since it began 60 years ago.

Five of our students were recently recognised for achieving the Duke of Edinburgh Awards:

  • Nicholas Patrikeos (Year 12) – Gold
  • Joshua Fry (Year 11) – Silver
  • Jonathan Chew (Year 12) – Silver
  • Cameron Garside (Year 12) – Silver
  • Leo Brown (Year 10) – Bronze

Nicholas is the 6th Christ Church student in history to achieve all three levels of the Award. To achieve the Award, Nicholas took part in activities such as Army Cadets, Taekwondo, Cross Country and Piano.

“Christ Church celebrates a unique history with the Duke of Edinburgh International Award dating back to 1976. Since that period, over 530 Christ Church boys have achieved the Award through activities such as sport, service in the community, outdoor expeditions and international exchanges,” said Alan Jones.

“Many of our boys are qualified by the time they have completed Year 10 and in 2018, Christ Church was recognised for having the highest number of awardees.”

“Each year, the Duke of Edinburgh International Award inspires millions of young people around the globe to develop skills, increase their physical fitness, cultivate a sense of adventure and volunteer in the community.”

“The Award helps young people to find their purpose, passion and place in the world.”