Published on: 21 March 2019

Our Year 10 ENCOMM charity group were in the Perth CBD recently rattling tins for WA’s deaf and hard of hearing community.

The activity was in collaboration with not-for-profit charity, Access Plus WA Deaf, who offer support across a variety of programs that cater to the varying degrees of needs in the deaf community.

Participant Parker Robinson commented, “It was a unique and highly enjoyable experience engaging with lots of different people in the CBD, while also helping a great charity.”

“It is so fantastic to have the opportunity at Christ Church to give back to the community however big or small. I’ll most definitely carry forward the skills I’ve learnt from ENCOMM in future years.”

“The funds raised will help Access Plus WA Deaf give even more to the WA deaf and hard of hearing community,” said ENCOMM Coordinator, Ms Jane Shannon.

“This is one of several opportunities the boys are able to support with this year.”

“The next charity we will support is Fair Game Australia, a charity founded in 2011 by Christ Church old boy John Van Bockxmeer (‘02).”

“Fair Game use sport and recycled sports equipment to educate and inspire children in remote and under-serviced communities to stay fit and healthy.”

“The boys enjoyed collecting donations on behalf of Access Plus WA Deaf and are looking forward to the next opportunity.”

Each year, Christ Church Grammar School’s ENCOMM program offers opportunities for Year 10 boys to assist with aged care facilities, food rescues as well as environmental work. The program’s focus is around giving to others and building community.