Published on: 11 October 2016

Last month, Noake House held the first ever ‘Noake Olympics’ to raise money and awareness for their chosen charity Youth Focus, a Western Australian organisation focused on the prevention of youth suicide and depression. With the strong link between regular daily exercise and improving one’s mental wellbeing, the olympic style event seemed like the prefect choice to launch the Noake fundraiser.

Every year Houses select a charity they would like to raise money for and then create an event so that every boy can be part of the fundraising. The ‘Noake Olympics’ provided the perfect event for maximum participation which was not just limited to the boys but extended to parents, siblings and tutors!

There were plenty of physical challenges on the day, all designed by the Prefects, including an ergo cardio challenge, basketball free throws, a baton relay, tennis ball challenge and even an egg and spoon obstacle course. To date nearly $7000.00 has been raised for Youth Focus.

“It was great to see all of the boys getting involved and the wonderful support of their families was greatly appreciated. Every boy was reminded that through their efforts, the money raised would make a difference to the lives of young West Australians battling mental health issues” , said Jamie Foster, Head of Noake House.

Following the games, a delicious morning tea was enjoyed by everyone. A guest speaker from Youth Focus then delivered an honest and candid message to the Noake community about the increasing significance of the mental health issue, and the crucial role of Youth Focus and the services which they provide.

Of course a big thank you to all the parents and tutors for their assistance which ensured such a successful event.

For the record, Team LNF secured gold, CEM silver and CF the Bronze.