Published on: 22 August 2019

Nine of our Year 10 boys from Wolsey House ‘slept out’ as part of Anglicare’s School Sleep Out at Optus Stadium, helping raise money and awareness for youth homelessness. In doing so, the boys together with the support of Wolsey House members, raised over $5,000.

The boys only had a sleeping bag and some cardboard to comfort them during the experience, while frequently being woken up and moved on throughout the night by security guards and sirens.

“While sleeping out, the boys learnt about the causes and complicating factors of homelessness and what they can do to help,” said Assistant Head of Wolsey House, Scott Chrystal.

“The boys were incredibly grateful that they only had to endure these conditions for one night and left Optus Stadium with a greater awareness and sympathy, and motivation to continue raising awareness and support for the over 9,000 homeless Western Australians.”

All funds raised go towards supporting Anglicare’s Street Connect team, who work with young people on the streets of Perth to help get their lives back on track.