Published on: 10 August 2017

Senior School boys took part in the annual Ray House Run earlier this week, sprinting 600m to the finish line to earn points for their respective Houses.

The event resulted in Wolsey and Romsey House claiming equal 1st place with 20 points, followed by Noake with 23 points in 3rd place.

“It was a terrific atmosphere with lots of students lining the start and finish lines cheering for their mates and House,” says Assistant Director of Sport, Mr Jarrod Kayler-Thomson.

Results by year group

Year 7: Jacob Cohen – Wolsey (1st), Daniel Eley – Romsey (2nd) and Hamish Brogan – Noake (3rd)

Year 8: Ethan Duffy – Romsey (1st), Diyoan Gajanayake – Craigie (2nd) and Oliver Magraith – Queenslea (3rd)

Year 9: Jes Bromley – Wolsey (1st), Ethan Wilson – Noake (2nd) and Harrison Tay – Craigie (3rd)

Year 10: Ben Martin – Queenslea (1st), Liam Tubby – Jupp (2nd) and Tom Ball – Romsey (3rd)

Year 11: Marc Boyatzis – Noake (1st), Milan Murdock – Romsey (2nd) and Tim Bourke – Moyes (3rd)

Year 12: Ben Perkins – Jupp (1st), Vince Goodwin – Moyes (2nd) and Aidin Fazely – Wolsey (3rd)

Click here to view full results.

The event was the first component to the upcoming Athletics Carnival which takes place on 24 August at the WA Athletics Stadium.

A short video clip from the Ray House Run can be enjoyed below.