Published on: 23 April 2014

Today was a day of paint. Everybody helped to brighten different parts of St Christopher’s orphanage with a fresh coat of paint. Myles was covered in white and blue paint from head to toe! He probably got more paint on himself than the gate and the posts. We do miss our families, however the happiness of the home and Sisters makes our day better. Some of us worked to make the study room liveable. We also cleaned up the library and medicine cabinet. Another group had to re-paint two signs. We wrote the letters with lime green paint and drew rainbows on both signs. We also painted a lighthouse and cross on the sign closer to where we were staying. It was so good when the kids came home and were so happy to see that they had freshly painted signs. We’re going to school tomorrow where a lot of the orphans go. We’ll be there all afternoon and walk home with them. We always have a great time at ‘buddy time’ with the kids, as you will see from our photos.

Myles, Mimi, Caitlin and Indie
SIA Fiji team members