Published on: 22 November 2018

Christ Church Grammar School’s Beyond Queenslea Drive (BQD) program opens up a world of lifetime experiences for boys in Year 10 each year.

The exchange program saw students Hamish Dickins, Jim Billingham and Callum Byk spend six weeks at St. Mark’s School in Boston, USA during Term 3.

“After a long anticipated wait we finally arrived at Boston International Airport,” says BQD participant, Hamish Dickins.

“Greeted at the airport by Edwin and Micah, two of the exchange boys that came to Christ Church earlier this year, we were set to embark on a truly amazing experience.”

“We were taken to St. Mark’s School in Southborough Boston by taxi before being greeted by luscious greenery and friendly faces that would soon make us feel right at home.”

“A g’day in the hallway didn’t go astray and the pure amusement from telling the Americans we rode kangaroos to school never got old.”

“Energetic Spanish classes and cookie Tuesdays made school easy to wake up to, and the crafty culture of Boston is something I will never forget.”

Fellow exchange participant Jim Billingham commented, “My time at St. Mark’s School was really fun. Everyone was really friendly and accommodating of us.”

“It was interesting to see how differently the school operated in comparison to ours with free periods most days and very small classes.”

“I could not be more grateful for the chance to take part in this program, having created lifelong friendships and developing a greater cultural understanding of America. I highly recommend this program to any younger students as it is the chance to grasp what I believe will be the best experience of your life,” says Hamish.

“A definite highlight for me was watching big time rivals the Red Sox and Yankees go head to head in baseball, with three of my best friends and box seats.”

Find out more about Beyond Queenslea Drive here or contact Mr Neil Saggers for any queries regarding the program.