Published on: 12 October 2016

The Service in Action (SIA) program at Christ Church Grammar School inspires boys to learn about themselves and their world through serving those less fortunate – a process of service learning.

The SIA Indigenous immersion focuses on remote parts of Northern Australia, with Year 11 boys visiting schools in communities such as Looma, Yackanarra and Marble Bar.

Seven boys recently returned from Marble Bar, after having an incredibly rewarding experience.

“The boys did an outstanding job working as teachers’ aids, mentors and swimming instructors,” said Mark Tait, Director of Service in Action.

“They loved the opportunity to experience life in a remote community and the friendships they formed with each other and the local children.”

During their time away, the boys learned a great deal about remote communities, the difficulties of distance education and how fortunate they are at Christ Church. One of the boys said, “It has been an amazing experience to see how a small effort on our behalf makes such a difference to the local children.”